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"The Sweet Scot" (Cherry Almond) Shampoo Bar for Hair/Beard/Body

"The Sweet Scot" (Cherry Almond) Shampoo Bar for Hair/Beard/Body

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You got that right - this one is for the hair, beard, AND body.  It's what is commonly called a shampoo bar.

Most stores charge a high premium for these (often $10-14).  Guess what?  The only difference between these and our other natural soaps is the addition of castor oil and natural clays, which the hair and scalp LOVE! Our additional cost is not extravagant, so we don't think you should pay a huge price difference between our shampoo bars and our body bars.

Cherry and Almond combine for a sweet, nutty punch!  It's a strong scent that will leave you smiling all day.  

Directions - If you have shorter hair, you can probably get away with sudsing up with the bar right in the middle of the hair.  For somewhat longer hair, PLEASE suds up the hands and apply the soap to your hair with the hands, not the bar right in the hair.  We don't want you to end up with a rat's nest instead of a beautiful head of hair!

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