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"The Bared Blade" (Bay Rum) Natural Body Butter - 8 oz.

"The Bared Blade" (Bay Rum) Natural Body Butter - 8 oz.

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We developed this one for the lads, but lots of lasses love this one, too.  With a strong bay rum scent, this natural body butter will make you feel like a pirate (we promise it won't make you smell like an actual pirate, I mean ... living on a ship washing in salt water!!!).

This was formerly called "Captain Black Bear", but we've been rebranding, so if it arrives labeled "Captain Black Bear" we apologize.  You might also like to try our "The Bared Blade" natural soap.

Our natural body butters receive rave reviews and are very gentle on the skin.  If you moisturize, you should use a body butter, no matter where you live.  If you don't moisturize, ... you're wrong!

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