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Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorant (Auld Oak & Ember)

Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorant (Auld Oak & Ember)

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"Auld Oak & Ember" was originally called "The Sophisticated Bear", because that beautiful, woody and aged pipe tobacco leaf smell is sooo sophisticated.  We're rebranding some of our scents into a Scottish theme, so forgive us if your deodorant arrives with its old label.  It's the same great smell. 

We believe this is the kind of scent reminiscent of what a person who sits back with a good book would use in the shower. 

Natural Deodorant with No: Aluminum, Baking Soda, Talc, or GMOs.  This is great stuff that keeps you smelling great and feeling great all day long. Also available in Coconut; Sandalwood ("MacFarlane's Lantern"); and Mountain Glen (a fresh blend of mountain herbs).

If you like this scent in natural soap, beard oil and beard balm, or your choice of two package deals; "Auld Oak & Ember" Beard Bundle (soap, beard oil, and beard balm), and "The Ultimate Auld Oak & Ember Bundle" (soap, beard oil, beard balm & natural aluminum-free deodorant).

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