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"MacFarlane's Lantern" Beard Bundle

"MacFarlane's Lantern" Beard Bundle

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Our Scottish clan is clan MacFarlane.  The MacFarlanes were such good cattle thieves (a heritage of which we're strangly proud) that in the Highlands, the moon became known as MacFarlane's lantern.  What does the smell of sandalwood have to with the moon or cattle thieving?  We have no idea, but even a cattle thief should smell good.

This scent was originally called "The Grizz".  We're rebranding our scents into a Scottish theme, so forgive us if "Macfarlane's Lantern" arrives labeled "The Grizz".  It's the same great smell that draws your lover in for ... loving gestures (family friendly site here)!

Does not include the pictured deodorant, but it can be purchased separately here.

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